Zero Emissions by 2099 is an immersive, multi-sensory journey, exploring the entanglements between technology, ideology and popular culture, encouraging visitors to examine the seemingly unavoidable role of technology and ideology in shaping the future.

This exhibition will contain radical future propositions in the form of installations, video works, writings and interactive AI generated art.

Participating artists: Chris Kore, Sofia Crespo x Entangled Others, Cristal De La Cruz, Nazanin Karimi and Liminal Vision.
Scenography by Rosalie Wammes
Olfactory works by Spyros Drosopoulos
Virtual scenography by Louisa Teichmann and Noemi Biro
Online platform by Babak Vandad
Curated by Mary Ponomareva

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Funding partners: Stimuleringsfonds, Volkskrant and Gemeente Rotterdam

Congratulations! All relics have been collected. You’ve been awarded a badge of distinction. Now you are ready to be transported back to 2021 to carry the light of infinite future possibilities!

Congratulations! Your loyalty as a TerraManagement agent has been remarked. You've been selected for the mission. The fate of the world lies in your hands. We expect your cooperation. As of tomorrow, 35 March 2098 you are charged to wander time and space in search of relics that will provide indispensable data to solve the pressing issues of our time. With the help of a giant wormhole, you are sent to explore three different dimensions. Collect the clues in the hope to achieve the goals of the “Zero Emissions by 2099” program. Explore the future beyond the Dystopia Utopia binary. Zero Emissions, one breath at a time.

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